Artificial Intelligence Precisely Matches Cancer Patients with Clinical Trials in Community Practices


Advanced clinical trial matching


Massive Bio is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that connects cancer patients and their treating oncologists to clinical trials while enabling pharmaceutical companies to get access to patients, mostly in community practices, and their information to speed up drug development.

Massive Bio removes barriers for pre-screening and resolves last mile issues such as site availability or out of pocket cost challenges via escalation to pharmaceutical companies to ensure successful clinical trial enrollment.

The current state of clinical trial enrollment is broken. Massive Bio's combination of advanced technology and fully comprehensive case management support aims to bridge the gaps and increase enrollment across all cancer types and across the globe.

Oncology Clinical Trials are Broken

Particularly Patient Access from Community Practices (Non-NCI Designated) Where 85% of Cancer Patients are Treated

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Oncology Clinical Trials

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