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Massive Bio Unveils Groundbreaking Oncology/Hematology AI Platform at ASCO 2024: Revolutionizing Oncology/Hematology with AI Driven Personalized Insights for Clinical Trial Accessibility

Massive Bio Unveils Groundbreaking Oncology/Hematology AI Platform at ASCO 2024

NEW YORK, 05/07/2024 — At the forefront of oncological/hematological innovation, Massive Bio, Inc. is set to showcase its pioneering AI technology at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2024, highlighting a major leap in patient and physician engagement in cancer care. The company will unveil its latest advancements in the Massive Bio Deep Learning Clinical Trial Matching System (DLCTMS, aka Synergy-AI), an AI platform designed to transform how cancer clinical trials are accessed and managed globally by structuring vast oncological/hematological data and personalizing patient trial matches in real time.

Selin Kurnaz, PhD, CEO of Massive Bio, states, “At Massive Bio, our mission transcends traditional clinical trial matching. With our AI-driven system, we’re not just facilitating connections; we’re revolutionizing how oncologists/hematologists, patients, and trials interact. Synergy-AI epitomizes our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to expedite R&D and enhance patient care, ensuring that every cancer patient has access to the trials they need, when they need them. With more than 120,000 patients, 5,000 physicians, 40 Pharma and CRO Customers, and 50 Partners, we have been building the largest oncology/hematology network to transform patient recruitment at scale despite the fact that we are just starting to scratch the surface, our ambition is massive.”

Innovative Features and Global Impact

• Real-time, AI-driven Matching: Synergy-AI can analyze and summarize extensive medical records, including biomarker data from multiple sources, to match patients with clinical trials instantly.

• Global Accessibility: Deployed via cloud to physician practices and research sites worldwide, including Europe, LATAM, and expanding into APAC, Synergy-AI supports a wide array of international compliance standards such as GDPR, PIPEDA, and HIPAA.

• Extensive Collaborative Network: Massive Bio collaborates with top-tier pharma companies, CROs, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to enhance the societal impact of its innovations.

• Enhanced Patient and Physician Interfaces: Building on the success of our chatbots Fiona AI and Dr Arturo AI, Massive Bio has further refined these tools to improve interactions, making the user experience more intuitive and supportive.

Invitation to Collaborate

Massive Bio is extending an open invitation to all ASCO 2024 attendees to visit booth #29137 to experience firsthand how Synergy-AI can transform their approach to cancer care and clinical trials. “Join us in advancing the future of oncology, where AI empowers more precise, efficient, and patient-centric clinical practices,” encourages Dr. Kurnaz.

With its unparalleled technology and comprehensive approach, Massive Bio is not just participating in the market—it’s leading the way to a future where every cancer patient can access personalized, innovative care options, accelerating the journey towards a cure.

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