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Massive Bio Presents Myelofibrosis Webinar Featuring Dr. Abdulraheem Yacoub and Fiona Evans

  • Dr. Abdulraheem Yacoub
    Hematology, Medical Oncology
  • Fiona Evans
    Director, Patient Relations

Massive Bio is excited to present an upcoming webinar on Myelofibrosis, featuring esteemed speakers Dr. Abdulraheem Yacoub, a renowned doctor specializing in the field, and Fiona Evens, an expert from Massive Bio.

Massive Bio, a leading provider of personalized oncology solutions, is thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar on Myelofibrosis, featuring renowned speaker Dr. Abdulraheem Yacoub and Fiona Evens from Massive Bio. The online event is scheduled to take place on Jub 7th at 02:00 pm ET.

Myelofibrosis is a rare and complex form of bone marrow cancer that affects a significant number of individuals worldwide. In this engaging webinar, Dr. Yacoub, a distinguished doctor specializing in Myelofibrosis, will shed light on various aspects of the disease, its diagnosis, treatment options, and potential breakthrough therapies. Fiona Evens, a leading expert from Massive Bio, will provide valuable insights into the latest advancements in personalized oncology solutions, highlighting how patients can access the most effective treatments tailored to their specific needs.

As part of Massive Bio’s commitment to raising awareness and facilitating education in the field of oncology, this webinar aims to bring together healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, and researchers interested in enhancing their understanding of Myelofibrosis. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from esteemed experts, engage in interactive discussions, and pose their questions to Dr. Yacoub and Fiona Evens.

Additionally, Massive Bio is pleased to share details about its previous webinar, which featured Dr. Jose Sandoval-Sus, an esteemed oncologist and hematologist from Memorial Healthcare System. This informative session focused on mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), providing an up-to-date overview of the disease, its unique characteristics, patient experiences, treatment options, and ongoing clinical trials for novel therapies. The webinar was broadcast live on Massive Bio’s Facebook and YouTube pages on April 20th at 05:00 pm ET, reaching a broad audience interested in expanding their knowledge of MCL.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Myelofibrosis webinar on Jub 7th at 02:00 pm ET. For more information about Massive Bio’s webinars and personalized oncology solutions, visit or follow us on social media channels. Massive Bio event will be broadcast live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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