Cancer Clinical Trials

Most of the medical innovation and breakthroughs we see in the medical field come from positive results of patients who have shown improvement while on clinical trials. Through clinical trials, doctors can determine whether new treatments are safe, effective, and how they work compared to existing treatments. Most of these trials are conducted in research centers in the US and patients from many countries around the world are potentially eligible for those innovative treatments.

Cancer clinical trials are very important in finding and proving new ways to fight cancer. Thanks to these studies, healthcare professionals discover and test opportunities of improving patients' quality of life and/or survival.

Cancer clinical trials are available for all stages of cancer and tumor types. Today, people live longer or survive cancer compared to prior generations, thanks to early detection, novel molecular diagnostics, and treatments such as targeted therapy and/or immunotherapy. We owe this positive development to past clinical trials. Clinical trials are key to making progress against cancer.

Massive Bio helps bring cancer patients first-class healthcare, including clinical trials. Regardless of your geographical location or past medical history, you can participate in a clinical trial that has been reviewed and decided by experts, tailored to your specific cancer type, biomarkers, and needs.

We use our SYNERGY Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to help you match the most appropriate clinical research based on your cancer type and the current stage of the disease. With more than 170 special clinical algorithms on the platform, Massive Bio fills the gap between patients with clinical research, to help you find novel treatments in real time.

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More than 15,000 clinical trials are currently recruiting patients of all cancer types and stages.

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Massive Bio gives you the best chance to survive and thrive!

Massive Bio gives you the best chance to survive and thrive!
Massive Bio gives you the best chance to survive and thrive!

Until now, cancer treatment has been geographically limited because patients don’t have the time or money to find and receive the proper care to beat cancer strategically and comprehensively.

Sometimes, you luck out and have the best specialists and hospitals in your neighborhood. Other times, they’re across the country, seemingly inaccessible if you have an inflexible job or kids. This makes beating cancer feel daunting. But it shouldn’t be! We’re ensuring the next generation of cancer care no longer discriminates based on financial security or location.

You now have access to the best doctors, the best clinical trials, the best treatments, the best medicine, and the best hospitals that cater to your individualized needs.

You no longer have to feel alone.

Massive Bio is bridging the gap between cancer patients and world-class healthcare providers. No matter your geographical location, no matter your lifestyle, no matter your income level, our team makes sure you receive the most groundbreaking cancer treatment care available.


You no longer have to feel alone.
You no longer have to feel alone.

Why Choose Massive Bio?

High-Quality Personalized Treatment Options

We provide customized, evidence-based cancer treatment recommendations from top-expert physicians aided by our proprietary clinical learning engine to ensure you have access to all the latest information on emerging therapies and outcomes. Our analysis is not limited to targeted therapies and/or immune-therapies; it covers all treatment options. We consider all possible care, including chemotherapy, surgery, clinical trials, and advanced radiation therapy to inform you of all available options. Our results have been published in the most prominent forums and validated by outside peers–which shows value and transparency.

Unwavering Patient Support

Your multidisciplinary team, including physicians, research scientists, nurses, and patient advocates, will facilitate the implementation of your care plan locally without you needing to travel and will continue to support you throughout your journey. Massive Bio has a “patients always come first approach.” Our direct patient engagement includes a dedicated call center and clinical navigation staff.

Clinical Trial Options Close to Home

We match you with clinical trials that offer the most advanced cancer care for your specific cancer type and help you decide which trial is best if more than one option is available. We make sure that we match you to the clinical trials that are closest to home. If we do not find a clinical trial close to you, then we look for just-in-time clinical trial options to bring the trial to your local oncologist. In addition, we provide access to the SYNERGY-AI, the most advanced AI-based tool in, ensuring you and future generations of patients can be part of developing advanced cancer care and clinical trials.

Fast and Affordable Services

We assess what testing you need, what needs to be tested, and where you should go for the most affordable precision testing based on your situation. We help you avoid expensive testing if it’s not needed. Typically within 5 business days, your personalized treatment plan will be prepared and ready for you. We write letters of medical necessity to obtain insurance approval to ensure access to promising tests and therapies.

Clinical Trial Matching

Clinical Trial Matching

We believe patients need to be fully informed of all of their options, including the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials.

Virtual Tumor Board

Get a second opinion

Virtual Tumor Board analyzes your information and determines your best treatment plan, considering your preferences.

“Cancer is a word that everyone cringes at. You need services like Massive-Bio to keep hope.”

Cancer is a word that everyone cringes at. You need services like Massive-Bio to keep hope and possible alternatives when doors seem to close. The amount of education is phenomenal, and the staff was very compassionate. I would recommend the services for those seeking that alternative to “Standardized treatment”, not everyone can handle them.
Rating: 1 stars
Cynthia O.
Patient – United States of America – September 2020