Massive Bio is building strong relationships with leading cancer advocacy organizations. These organizations provide key resources and services to people dealing with cancer diagnoses. Partnerships with these  advocacy organizations allow Massive Bio to provide comprehensive support experience for patients and their families. Interested in partnering with Massive Bio? Reach out today.

Alk Positive

A patient-driven organization, dedicated to improving the lives of alk-positive patients through support & groundbreaking research

ALK Positive consists of 2,000+ ALK-positive lung cancer patients and their caregivers in 50+ countries. Through their foundational online support group, they are able to support each other worldwide and share information to become empowered patients-advocates.

Cancer Commons

Committed to connecting and leveraging everyone touched by cancer

Cancer Commons is a nonprofit network of patients, physicians, and scientists from many disciplines. Specifically, Cancer Commons focus on providing expert, compassionate, one-on-one guidance to patients and families struggling with cancer of any type or stage. Cancer Commons will review your case, consult with leading cancer experts, and give you evidence-based opinions.


Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young Jewish women and their families facing breast cancer

Our mission is to offer a community of support to women, of all Jewish backgrounds, diagnosed with breast cancer or at increased genetic risk, by fostering culturally-relevant individualized connections with networks of peers, health professionals, and related resources.

While our expertise is in young women and Jewish families as related to breast cancer and ovarian cancer, Sharsheret programs serve all women and men.


Advocacy group for molecular oncology services

Malecare is a men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy group, offering Massive Bio's Molecular Oncology Advisory service to their prostate cancer patients. The partnership has created further awareness of the value added by molecular profiling, especially in late stage treatment settings where standards of treatment are not well defined.

American Sexual Health Association

The American Sexual Health Association promotes the sexual health of individuals, families and communities by advocating sound policies and practices and educating the public, professionals and policy makers in order to foster healthy sexual behaviors and relationships and prevent adverse health outcomes.

Darryl Mitteldorf – Malecare

Darryl Mitteldorf - Malecare
Darryl Mitteldorf - Malecare

We will improve their quality of care and reduce costs with support from Massive Bio.

MBI is providing their molecular advisory service to 200 of our members, and the feedback has been excellent. By guiding our members and their oncologists on personalized cancer tests and therapies, we will improve their quality of care and reduce costs. is a global cancer support nonprofit organization for prostate cancer.

Darrell Mitteldorf, Executive Director of

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