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Traditional Enrollment
Methods Are Out of Date
3 % Enrollment rate
20 % Enrollment rate
  • Limited technology and infrastructure
  • Limited patient engagement
  • Disconnected stakeholders
  • Significant operational inefficiency
Engineering Patient
Enrollment Value Chain
5 | AI Based Data & Analytics
Patient Identification

Massive Bio pulls data from broad and unique channels and merges real-time data sets to create a comprehensive picture of patients eligible for clinical trials – leading to “precision” targeting and actionable insights.

Pre Screening

Massive Bio’s engine ingests a broad and relevant data sets to match the patient with all eligible trials across all networks and then pre-screens the patients against each of these trials – this process is automated with supervision from a clinical team.

Patient Referral and
Concierge Enrollment

Massive Bio uses technology and automation to bring intelligence to the transfer of care, logistics coordination and insurance verification processes and address the challenges.

Recognition by Healthcare

  • Dr. Arturo Loiaza-Bonilla Selected as a Rising Star and Emerging Leader in Oncology View Details
  • Massive Bio Selected in Top 100 Cancer Blogs View Details
  • Massive Bio Co-founder to Facilitate Breakout Session: Access of Right Treatments to the Right Patients in Oncology View Details
Are you interested in becoming one of our partners?
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