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Selin Kurnaz Delivered a Keynote Speech at the 8th Annual CMPRR Summit

Massive Bio CEO and Co-Founder Selin Kurnaz, PhD, delivered a keynote speech at the 8th Annual Clinical Monitoring and Patient Recruitment Retention (CMPRR) Summit, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, on November 22-23, 2022. CMPRR brings together clinical and medical professionals seeking new ideas and tools for clinical monitoring and patient recruitment and retention. Sessions presented during the two-day event examined the role of technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence (AI), quality standards, compliance oversight, risk-based and centralized monitoring, clinical monitoring, and new approaches to patient engagement, among other critical topics.

In her address, titled “Disrupting Oncology Clinical Trial Enrollment with AI and Services,” Kurnaz shared her vision for what the future could hold for the enterprise of evaluating the safety and effectiveness of novel cancer therapies. “I imagine a world where, when a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, at that moment in time there is an intervention and a cancer patient has been prescreened for a clinical trial,” said Kurnaz. Attaining the goals of increasing access to and enrollment in oncology clinical trials will require overcoming significant barriers, however, such as lack of access to trial sites, underrepresentation of demographic minorities in trials, and underuse of next-generation sequencing to identify candidates for new targeted oncology therapies.

Massive Bio’s AI-based platform and concierge-level services are helping to minimize and eliminate those barriers, explained Kurnaz. Moreover, she added, “it’s very important to be able to monitor and collect outcomes from these patients.” Not only does monitoring and data collection provide essential data about the patient’s response to an investigational therapy, but analytics can provide insights that can help improve the patient experience in clinical trials and aid in design of future trials. “Massive Bio has the motivation and aspiration to bring the knowledge that we accumulate from the data, the technology, and the monitoring of those patients over time to further enhance and enrich further the drug development process in oncology clinical trial enrollment,” said Kurnaz.

You can find Kurnaz’s presentation here.

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