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MET Altered Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

MET Altered Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) clinical trials for patients with MET alterations have shown improved outcomes with targeted therapy and immunotherapy drugs. Currently, there are several different approaches and drugs for the treatment of all types of lung cancer, which is mostly due to developments from clinical trials. MET Crusaders Cancer Patient and Caregiver Support Group created a resourceful newsletter including information on the latest therapies for NSCLC and MET cancer. The newsletter also lists the available clinical trials under categories like:
  • Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) Trials
  • Immunotherapy Trials
  • EFGR and MET Trials
  • Antibody-ADC Trials
  • Umbrella Trials

MET Crusaders Cancer Patient and Caregiver Support Group was founded in 2019 by MET lung cancer survivor John Hallick, when he was seeking ways to help others with MET altered cancer and wanted to promote new studies. Today, MET Crusaders is a community dedicated to helping lung cancer patients with MET alterations live normal lives. You can download and read the full Crusader Newsletter below.

Download the Crusader Newsletter

MET Alterations in Lung Cancer

In Non-small cell lung cancer, MET alterations are gene mutations that occurs in about 5% of NSCLC patients. MET is short for mesenchymal-epithelial transition gene, which helps cells grow and survive. The mutation of this gene can cause cancer cells to grow faster than usual. Gene mutations can contribute to the growth of tumors, as is seen with the MET mutation. Understanding if there is a gene mutation in the cancer is helpful for selecting an effective treatment option, because there are targeted therapies that work better for certain gene mutations. Genetic testing is used to identify genetic differences in cancers. In order to understand if there are genetic mutations in NSCLC, a biopsy is usually taken. NSCLC MET-amplified clinical trials are available to patients. There are over 60 NSCLC MET-amplified clinical trials currently recruiting. For more on clinical trials and therapies targeting MET alterations in NSCLC, download and read the full newsletter. There is also more information about these trials and NSCLC with MET alterations on the MET Crusaders website and Facebook group.


  • Pam says:

    Hi my name is Pam Dight I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and adrenal and one lyphnode.I took 4 treatments of Keytruda and it was gone.Im 3 years clear and moving on..God bless

    • Cancer Treatment Expert says:

      Hi Pam,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us and helping to give other patients a positive outlook. We are very happy for you and wish you continued remission.

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