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How to improve cancer care for US patients?

How to improve cancer care for US patients?

Massive Bio is driven by unstoppable compassion for patients and great appreciation for oncologists and pharmaceutical companies.

Everything starts with the question of why. Lately, Selin Kurnaz, CEO, has been meeting with hundreds of patients, oncologists, pharmaceutical and insurance companies and many individuals. “Everyone is pretty much trying to understand why we are so passionate; work 24/7 and relentlessly push to create a market of translating and operationalizing the latest and greatest in cancer care to the point of need. Moving mountains is not easy; we don’t expect to be understood or accepted, but we would like to communicate clearly “why” and the most importantly “why now”?”

Patient “The Activist”: Patients have to be in charge of their health and destiny. No one can care about the patient more than himself/herself. We all know that cancer patients face many challenges with their medical treatments because of their location and financial stability, but this can change and will change. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to share the knowledge among many stakeholders while keeping the patient at the point of care. Massive Bio teams up with cancer patients to support them during this transition. Massive Bio also empowers the patients to take control of their destiny in the fight against cancer. All human beings are equal, and science is not for the elite; it is for the benefit of all.

Connected Community Oncologist: Science and technology are improving very rapidly, and it is very exciting; there are more than 1,000 lab-developed tests, there are dozens of FDA approved drugs, and there is 60,000 cancer clinical trials in However, it doesn’t appear that these discoveries translated to the point of need at a speed that they are used to treat the cancer patients. Community oncologists don’t have the time and resources to keep up with these developments, and thus community oncologists need to be more connected with the other oncologists who work out of the larger cancer centers. Connectivity also helps community oncologists to stay more up to date with the latest cancer treatment options so they can bring it to their areas of work. Massive Bio teams up with community oncologists to make the connectivity easier and faster while they spend quality time with their patients.

De-bottlenecking Pharma: 85% of cancer patients seek treatment in community practices where the access to clinical trials is less than National Cancer Institution (NCI) designated cancer centers. Pharmaceutical companies struggle to find patients, drug development timeline expands and finally, pharmaceutical companies start to spend a lot of money on non-performing sites instead of funneling that capital to research and development. Massive Bio teams up with Pharmaceutical companies to bridge cancer patients in need with sites in looking for patients.

Massive Bio welcomes patients, oncologists and pharmaceutical companies to collaborate and make the latest and greatest oncology care accessible, affordable and personalized – regardless of their location, financial stability; we all deserve the best.

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