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Digital Health Company

Cancer patients, caregivers, and oncologists – we would like to introduce ourselves as your next step toward fighting cancer. Massive Bio, Inc., headquartered in NYC, is an innovative digital health company that brings the latest and greatest in cancer care to the point of need.

85% of US cancer patients receive treatments in community practices where treating oncologists are overwhelmed with the influx of new tests and treatments while trying to manage their busy practices.

Massive Bio translates the world-class oncology knowledge of the large cancer centers’ experts, facilitates a virtual tumor board collaboratively with the treating oncologist, and advises the patient and treating oncologist to operationalize these expert recommendations at the point of care thereby, eliminating additional time, travel, and cost.

Instead of a patient traveling from one large cancer center to another for a second opinion or, a treating oncologist arranging a patient’s clinical trial; let Massive Bio do the work for you.

This newsletter is to share who we are, what we offer and how we can help. Please forward, like, share, post, and email to others and help us spread the news. Massive Bio is here to make a difference in cancer patients’ lives and help treating oncologists spend quality time with their patients.

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