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Massive Bio CEO Joins When She Found

Massive Bio CEO Joins When She Founded

Massive Bio CEO Selin Kurnaz was featured in the latest episode of When She Founded, a show highlighting female entrepreneurs. The show is hosted by Somer Hamrick, the CEO & Founder of Channel Clinical, a curated marketplace for clinical research services for both clinical trial sponsors and vendors that was founded in early 2019. Somer uses the When She Founded platform to share insider experience of what it takes to start and scale a company in STEM, where female representation is not often found.

On this episode titled “Massive Bio: When AI and Oncology Clinical Trials Meet Grit” Selin and Somer discussed how Selin’s family experience with cancer motivated her to find cancer care solutions for all cancer patients. She stated, “I started to observe a discrepancy between what the pharmaceutical companies are actually working on a day-to-day basis and what the cancer patients are getting on their bedside.” Five years later, Massive Bio continues to support Selin’s initial mission by connecting patients to clinical trials using an artificial intelligence powered engine. Now, Massive Bio is able to bridge the gap between those pharmaceutical companies and cancer patients.

Listen to Selin’s full podcast episode below and look for more episodes of When She Founded with Somer Hardwick coming soon to the Channel Clinical website!

You can visit Channel Clinical here.

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