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Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit

Access of Right Treatments to the Right Patients in Oncology

The 2021 Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit starts on Tuesday February 16th and concludes on February 25th. The entire event is a virtual experience where sites, sponsors, and CROs can collaborate and come together in order to progress cancer research to the next level. This will be the third consecutive year of the summit hosted by the Society of Clinical Research Sites.

On day 3, Thursday February 18th at 3:15 pm EST, Massive Bio Co-founder and CEO Selin Kurnaz will be the Facilitator for the Breakout Session, Access of Right Treatments to the Right Patients in Oncology. This session will answer the question, “How Use of AI and Digital Health Solutions Enables Democratization of Access to Oncology Clinical Trials and How COVID Influences this New Normal?”

Enrollment rates of oncology clinical trials during the COVID pandemic have been an important topic. Enrollment rates have been low, even before COVID had to be considered in order for trials to be conducted. During the breakout session, presenters from a variety of healthcare organizations will showcase the opportunities a social distanced healthcare system have created in 2021. Tune in to learn more about the challenges faced in clinical trial enrollment, both before and after the COVID pandemic made an impact. Also covered will be the improvements Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital health solutions have addressed to make oncology clinical trials accessible for cancer patients.

Participants who will be presenting during the Breakout Session are:

  • Allison Kemner, MSN BSN, Executive Director, Clinical Development, Incyte
  • Moh’d Khushman, MD, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Clinical Oncology, South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute
  • Christopher O’Brien, MBA, SVP Strategic Partnerships, MyHealthTeams
  • Gene Vinson, Executive Director, Global Data Technologies, Syneos Health
  • Deb Kientop, MBA, Vice President, Oncology Development, synteract®

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