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Top 128 Cancer Startups

Top 128 Cancer Startups

Massive Bio has made the list again. Medicalstartups has published a list of the top 128 startups within the cancer industry. These startups have been extremely beneficial towards the progression of treating cancer. Nowadays, it is not just the larger corporations in the industry that make an impact. Every startup who treats cancer patients, including Massive Bio helps make a difference in someone’s life.

Many of the companies on the list have similar initiatives of bringing alternative treatments and superior care to cancer patients. Medicalstartups defines oncology startups as firms who develop new cancer treatments and diagnostics technologies, like genome analysis, patient big data analyses, AI, immunotherapy, antibody therapy, gene therapy, stem cells, and nanoparticles for drug delivery. Ranking 111, Massive Bio is honored to be apart of this list that considered startups from countries all around the world.

Massive Bio was selected for this list for educating the masses in cancer genomics. We would like to thank Medicalstartups for recognizing our efforts in giving access to the highest quality of cancer care in the United States, while keeping costs for patients lower than most other providers.

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