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The New Issue of Massive Bio Magazine is Now Available

The new issue of Massive Bio magazine, which explores the latest developments in oncology and clinical trials, is now available.

Massive Bio, which uses artificial intelligence-based technology to help cancer patients gain access to potentially lifesaving oncology therapies, announces the publication of a new issue of Massive Bio magazine. Each edition of Massive Bio magazine explores the latest developments in the fields of oncology and clinical trials, while keeping readers up to date on our mission to improve the lives of cancer patients. In the latest issue of Massive Bio magazine, readers will learn about artificial intelligence’s role in the effort to find a cure for cancer, the link between cancer and climate change, new approaches to conducting clinical trials, and much more.

Can artificial intelligence cure cancer?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping our lives as the “brains” behind innovations ranging from countertop digital assistants to self-driving cars. In the new issue of Massive Bio magazine, readers will confront an important question: Is this technology powerful enough to achieve a goal that has eluded humankind for centuries—find a cure for cancer? In “Can AI Cure Cancer?” we share some of the many ways that AI is already having a crucial impact on cancer research and care, including its role in driving Massive Bio’s SYNERGY-AI platform, which matches patients to clinical trials with unparalleled speed and precision.

How does the climate crisis affect cancer?

Recent research suggests that changes in our environment brought on by warming of the planet are causing some forms of cancer to become more common. The latest issue of Massive Bio magazine explores the links between climate change and several common malignancies, including lung cancer, melanoma, gastrointestinal cancers, and others.

In addition, the new issue of Massive Bio magazine features an interview with Erkan Terzi, the company’s chief marketing officer and creator of the social media campaign I Have Cancer, which was launched by Massive Bio in November. Readers will also learn about one breast cancer patient’s decision to enter a clinical trial, the latest information about cervical cancer, and innovations from the world of clinical research, among other topics of interest to cancer patients and their loved ones. Massive Bio magazine is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Turkish, and can be read on the company website ( and on magazine platforms.

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