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158 Startups Using Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

158 Startups Using Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

Some time ago, I wrote about how we’re now in the long-tail of machine learning in drug discovery. I noted that we’re moving past generalist applications of AI such as IBM Watson’s to more specific, purpose-built tools. This got me thinking: What are all the startups applying artificial intelligence in drug discovery currently?

Accordingly, I did some research and developed the following list, which I have grouped roughly by research phase. I update this list monthly. I’m sure that I’ve missed some, so please add any I’ve missed in the comments. Here’s what I’ve uncovered so far:

  1. Aggregate and Synthesize Information
  2. Understand Mechanisms of Disease
  3. Establish Biomarkers
  4. Generate Data and Models
  5. Repurpose Existing Drugs
  6. Generate Novel Drug Candidates
  7. Validate and Optimize Drug Candidates
  8. Design Drugs
  9. Design Preclinical Experiments
  10. Run Preclinical Experiments
  11. Design Clinical Trials
  12. Recruit for Clinical Trials
  13. Optimize Clinical Trials
  14. Publish Data
  15. Analyze Real World Evidence

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