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Massive Bio and Philips Journey Works Together

2018 has been a revolutionary year for Massive Bio and clearly acceptance by Philips HealthWorks is an important milestone.

Massive Bio was selected as one of the dozen participants of the Philips HealthWorks Startup Program running in Cambridge, MA focused on Precision Oncology — more than 300 start-ups applied to the program. The program, which began in February and runs for 12 weeks, has provided an intensive learning cycle with Philips and an unparalleled access to experts across Philips’ businesses. Massive Bio successfully graduated from the program in May 2018 and is currently exploring strategic collaboration opportunities with Philips. .

There are probably not many people in the world who have not heard of Philips. From Europe, Philips has been touching massive amounts of lives since 1891, however, in the last couple of years they have made a very bold decision to become one of the world’s largest healthcare technology companies, which is why we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a mega player and have direct access to the management team while being a young company. We were certainly amazed by Philips Healthworks’ team members open-minded approach to solve problems, extreme resourcefulness, and genuine interest to grow our business regardless of immediate financial return. In addition, we had the opportunity to develop great relationships with other cohort members while learning from each other which is also fun.

I would strongly recommend every young company to apply to the Philips HealthWorks Startup Program and to take a leap-frog in their growth due to its quality content, high caliber team and potential future with Philips. I am always happy to talk more about the program with interested entrepreneurs.

Selin Kurnaz, PhD,

Co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio

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