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Massive Bio Article in Annals of Oncology was ranked at top 7%

Annals of Oncology

Massive Bio is at the fore-front of creating the science and technology to democratize access in precision oncology.
Massive Bio’s article in Annals of Oncology, “Feasibility of precision oncology virtual tumour boards to optimize direct point-of-care management and clinical trial enrollment of advanced cancer patients: New models for personalized oncology”, was ranked in the top 7% of 11.4 million articles ever tracked across all journals by Altmetric. Massive Bio demonstrated that for a small study, incorporating precision oncology expertise to treatment plan, clinical trial enrollment could be up-to 40% where the national results are 3%, survival can be almost doubled, and costs can be reduced as much as 88%. Massive Bio is currently expanding the study to include couple of thousand patients and our early results indicate that the value of expert guided virtual tumor board and technology can materially impact patient’s lives. 

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