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The Integrated Trial Matching Project

Massive Bio to Partner With the Integrated Trial Matching Project

Massive Bio has partnered with the Integrated Trial Matching Project, which is led by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and the HL7 FHIR Accelerator™ Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions (CodeX). The goal of the project is to increase and expand patient enrollment in oncology clinical trials at smaller and non-research oriented medical centers.

Finding patients to participate in clinical trials is one of the biggest barriers for successful trials. Data entry and pre-screening can require time-consuming manual work from providers in order to match patients to clinical trials. At many smaller health centers, on-site clinical trials and offsite trial screenings for eligibility are not offered. As a result, one in four cancer patients will have the option to enroll in a clinical trial at their institution.

Massive Bio’s AI-based clinical trial matching technology will be utilized by ACS and other partners of the project to match patients to cancer clinical trials. The Integrated Trial Matching Project is the largest nationwide effort to date to optimize cancer clinical trial enrollment. Massive Bio will be a partner group during the pilot phase of the project along with other organizations such as TrialScope, TialJectory, Cancer Insights,, PatientLink, and University of Texas Southwestern.

The project aims to provide trial screening using existing tools within health centers. The matching occurs when a select number of standardized patient data points are sent to external clinical trial matching tools that then return the results with matching trial.

The project led by ACS CAN and CodeX will have multiple phases and this summer the clinical trial matching tool’s effectiveness and usability for both patients and providers will be reviewed. Learn more about the Integrated Trial Matching Project and read the full press release from ACS CAN here.

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