Hydrate Before, During and After Chemo

Hydrate Before, During and After Chemo

Q. I had a gastrectomy in April, and just finished four rounds of chemotherapy. I am on a break until I start radiation and "soft" chemo. I need advice on how to get hydrated. I am having trouble drinking enough water, and I am very thirsty. I feel like water fills me up. Suggestions are extremely welcome.

A. Staying well hydrated is always vital. Most clinicians would prefer to continue drinking liquids by mouth unless there is a contraindication. After gastric surgery, patients may feel full quickly as the stomach was reduced in size or taken altogether. Taking more frequent but small sips may help to relieve this. Make sure you discuss this with your physician and possibly a dietitian.

Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla is an ABIM certified specialist in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine. He has extensive clinical and research experience with a focus in precision oncology and translational-based trials, as well as the multidisciplinary comprehensive care of patients suffering from gastrointestinal and neuroendocrine malignancies. Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla provides expert second opinions (locally and internationally), clinical trial guidance, as well as recommendations regarding the integration of personalized cancer genomics, biosimilars, pharmacoeconomics and the concomitant use of complementary/integrative medicine.

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