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Clinical Trial Matching Tool Proven Effective

Clinical Trial Matching Tool Proven Effective

Massive Bio’s SYNERGY-AI Clinical Trial Matching System was mentioned in a recent study published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) evaluating the effectiveness of a clinical trial matching artificial intelligence tool in large community cancer centers. The study assessed the agreement between the Watson for Clinical Trial Matching (WCTM) tool and manual execution for 4 breast cancer clinical trials, finding the agreement between the two procedures eligibility determination to be as accurate as 81%-96%. The study concluded that clinical trial matching system tools prove promising for use in large cancer centers.

The study was conducted to better understand how automated matching systems could increase clinical trial enrollment, because less than 5% of all cancer patients enroll in clinical trials and 20% of cancer clinical trials come to a halt due to insufficient enrollment. The amount of time spent on researching trial eligibility decreased by 78% with the use of the machine-learning system. This new evidence suggests that the implementation of a tool such as the SYNERGY-AI Clinical Trial Matching System could save cancer centers time that could be spent on trial recruitment and execution.

The SYNERGY-AI Clinical Trial Matching System pre-screens cancer patients for clinical trials from a collection of 36,000 active clinical trials. The system takes into consideration all aspects of an individual’s cancer case, ensuring the matching trials that are provided are best for their cancer diagnosis.

Download the full study PDF here.


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