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Clinical Trial Command Center

Clinical Trial Command Center

The clinical trial command center was founded by Massive Bio and is the first NASA-style oncological command center in the industry. Its groundbreaking, seventy-two-hour engagement-to-enrollment feature starts from the diagnosis of the disease.

The clinical trial command center aims to accelerate the clinical trial registration process by combining artificial intelligence with the method defined as sensitive medicine and prioritizing personalized applications in treatment.

What is a Clinical Trial Command Center?

A real-time data communication is provided between patients, facilities and pharmaceutical companies with an artificial intelligence engine, similar to the clinical trial command center, and NASA’s Deep Space Network. Thanks to this real-time communication, it is also possible to instantly identify the patient. It includes complete confidentiality and guarantees the protection of personal data.

The command center at Massive Bio provides easy coordination for the patient. It offers both patients and the industry the convenience of using data, analytics, patient engagement and research field networks.

Clinical Trial Command Center Opening a New Era in the Industry

The groundbreaking advantages of the command center in the industry include:

  • Speeding up the process between patient identification and registration.
  • Enabling much more efficient work than static big data.
  • It has the potential to increase the market entry rate of an oncology drug and brings high competition to the industry.
  • It increases the productivity of research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.
  • For non-biomarker clinical trials, it aims to reduce the time between patient identification and participation in the oncologic clinical trial to 72 hours.

Massive Bio’s Future Vision

For Massive Bio, one of the command center’s goals is to set the standard in the industry. It sets out a vision for the future in which there will be only a few hours between the identification of the patient and the contact with the site. It plans to implement a system where cancer patients can activate all preliminary procedures through just one smart device, go to the research center with an autonomous vehicle, and take care of all necessary procedures simultaneously within minutes.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Massive Bio uses the SYNERGY-AI OCTCC system at its clinical trial command center. This system can be summed up as a perfect blend of engineering methods and clinical experts’ field experience. The system, which makes it possible to process both analytical and real-time data with the support of artificial intelligence, can also make advanced predictions. This way, Massive Bio officials can make faster and more suitable decisions, reduce costs and increase the quality by connecting data from different sources. Ultimately, it becomes possible for patients to enter the trial that is best for them at the right time and access all of the options.

A First in Clinical Oncology Research

The worldwide first clinical trial command center enables a cancer patient and oncologist to have access to clinical trials, and to perform complex operations with perfect coordination, such as analyzing the fit between medical records and clinical trials through SYNERGY-AI.


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