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Cancer Patients Must Watch Out For What?

Cancer Patients Must Watch Out For What?

Your Personal Cancer Treatment Process is at Your Control

From Sweden to Romania, from the US to Turkey, we have had many cancer patients and their relatives together with the most appropriate treatment methods, an intensive study on clinical treatments, and as a result, we were able to obtain positive results. A few of the processes we observed and which we can generally recommend to cancer patients There is an important point. In fact, this also applies to other types of illnesses.

From the beginning of your treatment, gather all the tests, reports, and information properly. Be sure to ask for the CD or all digital copies of the operations, such as MR, PT. Even if they can not be shared immediately, make sure that they are handed over later. Cancer therapy is a journey with long, ups and downs. In this process different doctors can get into different hospitals or cities and receive reviews abroad. If you do not have past information, only the latest situation is assessed so that the recommendation for the desired outcome may not occur. Information, such as the side effects of drugs taken previously, is of vital importance in your given decisions.

Apart from all this information, chronologically tracking all the details of the patient or the patient’s relatives in written form may provide great advantages in the treatment process. Information such as the date of treatment, how often the doses of the received medication are used, what side effects are observed, and the differences between the last control and the previous control can be noted. It is very important that some of these types of informants are recorded in hospital systems in a small amount, but that you are under your hands when you are asked to do so, and that you direct and follow your treatment personally.

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