What is a Virtual Tumor Board?

A Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) is a team of sub-specialists from the world’s largest cancer research centers.

The team will work together to personalize the testing and treatment options for your specific type of cancer. The team reviews cutting edge scientific information, clinical trials, drug outcomes, side effects, your clinical history and personal preferences.

After analyzing all of the data, your treating oncologist will be provided with a personalized and comprehensive cancer treatment report. The report includes incremental testing and treatment options that provide best survival and quality of life. A copy of the report will also be sent to you after your treating oncologist review. Depending on your plan, Precision Oncology or immunotherapy, the testing and treatment process may vary.

Consult with a cancer support member to determine which plan will best meet your needs.

We provide access to subject matter experts from 25 NCI designated centers in the US without any need to travel.

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Treatment

Emory Cancer Treatment

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Childhood Cancer Treatment

Why Partner With Virtual Tumor Board?

The Virtual Tumor Board’s goal is to help you achieve success in your battle with cancer by using the latest and greatest cancer care plans for your specific type of cancer. Please consider:
  • A treating oncologist may have too many patients on their caseload and are unable to devote the necessary time to research the newest ways to treat your type of cancer or be aware of the latest clinical trials
  • The treating oncologist may be limited in their scope of information in that they do not have access to world wide databases
  • The experts within your treating oncologist’s reach may be limited to the working hospital
  • If you live a distance from a cancer treatment center, then you will not only be working with new doctors, but you will have considerably more travel expenses
  • In addition, the time you spend driving to and from a cancer center can be exhausting

By working with the Virtual Tumor Board, you continue to see your treating oncologist, stay close to home, family and friends and save time, money and energy while being treated by a team of doctors that are specialized in your cancer type from all over the world.

There are many decisions to be made when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Utilizing up-to-date information from around the world, saving you time, money and energy will offer you opportunities otherwise not explored.
Step 1: Once you are enrolled, your Virtual Tumor Board, comprised of leading oncologists and scientists, will begin working on your case immediately.
Step 2: Once all of your cancer data is reviewed, the Virtual Tumor Board will prepare a personalized report for you and your treating oncologist. It is an easy-to-read and understands report of testing and treatment options and a proposed strategy.
Step 3: Our customer support team will assist you in writing medical necessity letter for reimbursement, connecting you to the most relevant clinical trial and PI of that trial or finding you the most affordable tumor profiling vendor for your testing needs.
Step 4 is on-going: During your treatments and after, the Virtual Tumor Board will monitor and continue to collect important data to support you throughout your cancer journey.

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