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“SYNERGY-AI” Bringing Cancer Patients Together with Clinical Trials 

Massive Bio brings cancer patients together with clinical trials no matter where they live in the world and under which economic conditions with the SYNERGY-AI

Cancer is the second most common cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. About 20 million people, including 400,000 children, are diagnosed with cancer each year, and approximately 10 million people die of some form of the disease. The incidence of cancer has increased globally in recent years, which has changed the perspective on cancer treatment strategies. It is now even more critical to develop new generation approaches to prevent cancer, diagnose it early, prolong life, and improve patients’ quality of life. Toward that goal, hundreds of clinical trials are being conducted around the world in hopes of discovering new treatments for all forms of cancer. But a crucial question remains: How can we ensure that all patients who wish to participate in clinical studies of experimental therapies are matched to the trials that are most appropriate for them? Finding a solution is a complex and laborious task for the human mind, but technology can save lives: Massive Bio, with its one-of-kind artificial intelligence platform, is uniquely positioned to solve this critical problem. 

The World’s Only Biotechnology Application Offering Personalized Trial-Matching Service: SYNERGY-AI 

Massive Bio is the only company in the biotechnology industry with an oncology-focused artificial intelligence (AI) program that brings cancer patients together with clinical studies, no matter where they live or their financial circumstances. With our SYNERGY-AI mobile phone application, cancer patients enter their information and Massive Bio’s artificial intelligence algorithms match their data with the most appropriate treatment method and the nearest clinical research center. 

Working with SYNERGY-AI, Massive Bio’s team of expert nurses and patient relations coordinators screen clinical studies rapidly so that cancer patients can access the most appropriate trials without waiting years for treatment. SYNERGY-AI offers a personalized, seamless, evidence-based service to cancer patients. 

How Does SYNERGY-AI Work? 

SYNERGY-AI gives cancer patients access to new and potentially life-saving therapies being studied in clinical trials in advance of seeking approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and regulators in other countries. Our technology enables patients to find unique clinical trials based on their cancer type, stage, and biomarker status that are being conducted near them.  

When patients enter their information into the system, SYNERGY-AI‘s artificial intelligence-based algorithms screen more than 30,000 active clinical trials, working in real-time to identify studies that are suited to the patient at the nearest clinical research center. 

Available in English, Spanish, French, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Hebrew, the SYNERGY-AI application is free and can be used on both Android and iOS-based mobile phones. 

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