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Surviving Lymphoma: Advances in Clinical Trials

  • Jose Sandoval, MD
    Expert Oncologist
  • Jackie Bement
    Patient Advocate

On October 28th at 12 PM ET, Massive Bio hosted a featured event Surviving Lymphoma: Advances in Clinical Trials, featuring Dr. Jose Sandoval, MD and hosted by Jackie Bement, Patient Advocate at Massive Bio. Jose Sandoval, MD is a hematologist & oncologist at Moffit Cancer Center. Watch this event to hear from and see the questions for Dr. Jose Sandoval, MD as well as how Massive Bio helps physicians to lead their patients through the clinical trial journey. Surviving Lymphoma: Advances in Clinical Trials was hosted on the Massive Bio Facebook page. Visit our page to attend future events. Fill out the form on this page to watch the full event video. A few of the topics that were covered include:

  • Oncologists guide to clinical trials
  • The clinical trial enrollment process
  • Knowing your treatment options

The live discussion reviewed how Massive Bio’s AI has helped champion the clinical trial journey for thousands of patients. We will also take questions directly from the community on topics such as lymphoma clinical trials, Massive Bio’s AI-powered Clinical Trial Matching System (CTMS), or anything else you are interested in learning more about. At the end of the event, the live Q&A will answer all submissions.

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