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Spotlight on Industry Leaders with Selin Kurnaz

Thanks to all the viewers for tuning in! We hope you enjoyed watching Selin Kurnaz being able to have a discussion with Total Health Conferencing and other organization leaders. Thank you to all the participants for having an informative live event that the viewers could benefit from.

On Monday, July 6th at 8:00 pm EST, our CEO, Selin Kurnaz took part in the Spotlight on Industry Leaders with Sarah Louden and Total Health Conferencing. Selin was joined by Andrew Copp, MD VP of North America Medical, Pfizer, and Bill Audeh, MD, CMO Agendia. The hour-long discussion focused on “setting drug and diagnostic development plans and policies to effect major change” from three prominent leaders in the medical industry. Massive Bio appreciates Sarah Louden and Total Health Conferencing for the opportunity to participate!

You can watch the full discussion here

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