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Second Opinion Cost

Second Opinion What Does it Cost?

Seeking a Second Opinion can be costly. The graph below illustrates the time and cost it would take to acquire an actionable personalize cancer treatment plan.

Costs:Three visits with an oncology specialist at three different large cancer centers. Travel and accommodations were not factored in.

Under Massive Bio’s Precision Oncology plan, you will have access to a minimum of three specialist oncologists, and you do not have to travel or leave the comforts of home.

Time: From the initial contact setting up an appointment to receiving a report and consultation with a treating oncologist.

With Massive Bio’s Precision Oncology plan, you save time, you do not have to wait for an appointment, or travel to centers. Our doctors use advanced technology to network, review your case, and provide your treating oncologist and you a report and consultation all within a week.

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