Are You Ready to Learn Your Clinical Trial Options?

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    Massive Bio has programs to aid patients in searching for options.

    Clinical Trial Matching System (CTMS)

    • SYNERGY-AI: Artificial Intelligence Based Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Matching and Registry:
    • System pulls in all available clinical trials and can provide a detailed matching result to patients based on their medical information.
    • Patients are referred by provider, channel partner, health system or are self-referred
    • Each patient has an oncology nurse-navigator who will help them identify and understand their clinical trial options
    • All trial matches are reviewed by a team of research scientists to ensure accuracy and to help sort options based on patient’s unique situation
    • Offered at no cost to the patient

    Virtual Tumor Board (VTB)

    • Massive Bio has developed 170 clinical pathways in conjunction with our medical advisory board.
    • Our physician review panel has more than 50 world-class experts who currently practice at 25 NCI facilities
    • Patients have their case reviewed from 2-4 physicians who specialize in their disease, including diagnostic experts and research scientists
    • Patients receive a conference call with one of the panelists and their nurse navigator to fully explain the treatment plan
    • The patient’s local physician will also receive a conference call to discuss treatment recommendations
    • Patient will receive on-going support from Massive Bio
    • Clinical Trial Matching results are included in VTB
    • While there is an out-of-pocket cost to the patient of $750-$1500, many insurances offer reimbursement and patients can use FSA or HSA funds for the expense