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HER2-Positive Cancer: Oncology Nurse Hour

  • Kristin Johnston, RN
    Chief Nursing Officer

On January 6th at 12:00 pm EST, HER2-Positive Cancer: Oncology Nurse Hour was live featuring oncology expert Kristin Johnston. The 12th episode of Oncology Nurse Hour was hosted by Jackie Bement, Patient Relations Coordinator at Massive Bio. Attendees of this event on the Massive Bio Facebook heard from and asked questions to our oncology experts. Fill out the form on this page to watch the full event. Topics that were covered include:

  • Overview of HER2, what it does, and how overexpression can lead to the growth of cancer cells
  • What cancers can be HER2 positive?
  • How is HER2 tested for?
  • How can cancer patients get genomic testing?
  • How does HER2 overexpression effect the prognosis of cancer?
  • Clinical trials and targeted therapies for HER2-positive cancer

Clinical trials test the latest scientific advancements in treatments for biomarkers such as HER2. Patients who choose to enroll in trials can receive cutting-edge treatment and high-quality care under the direction of scientists, doctors, and researchers. Cancer patients might gain access to promising drugs and innovative treatments long before they’re made available to the public. During the event, we will also take questions directly from the community on topics such as clinical trials, HER2, genomic testing, and targeted therapies. At the end of the event, the live Q&A will answer all submissions.

With Massive Bio’s AI technology, finding a clinical trial doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming for patients or their physicians. Let us help you and your patients find the best trial within 48 hours of receipt of records. HER2-Positive Cancer: Oncology Nurse Hour aired on Thursday, January 28th at 12:00 pm EST. Fill out the form to watch the event video. Tune in to learn about HER2 clinical trials, genomic testing, targeted therapies, how Massive Bio can help patients with HER2-positive cancer, and more!

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