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Massive Bio Webinar: Jose Sandoval-Sus, MD, Discusses Mantle Cell Lymphoma

  • Dr. Jose Sandoval
  • Fiona Evans
    Lead Patient Relations Coordinator

In April’s installment of Massive Bio’s ongoing webinar series, Jose Sandoval-Sus, MD, will provide up-to-date information about mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). Dr. Sandoval-Sus, an oncologist and hematologist at Memorial Healthcare System in Pembroke Pines, Florida, will discuss many aspects of MCL, including:

– How it differs from other types of lymphoma.

– What it’s like for patients, and their caregivers, to live with MCL.

– Treatment options for MCL.

– Clinical trials of new MCL therapies.

This webinar takes place on Thursday, April 20, at 05:00 pm ET and will be broadcast live on Massive Bio’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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