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Massive Bio Magazine Comes to Life

Massive Bio—the leading-edge technology company that helps cancer patients gain access to potentially life-saving treatments in clinical trials—is pleased to announce the launch of Massive Bio magazine, which published its first edition in August.

Massive Bio’s artificial intelligence-driven platform, SYNERGY-AI, offers the fastest and most reliable way to bring cancer patients together with clinical research. Our new magazine will introduce readers to the Massive Bio story: Who are we and why are we so passionate about helping people with cancer? Each issue of Massive Bio magazine will feature stories about how our team is working to achieve the company mission, which is “to erase cancer from the map.”

A Magazine for Patients, Healthcare Professionals, and Investors 

Massive Bio magazine will also feature company news, up-to-date information about clinical research, new technology that will improve quality of life for patients, and health trends, as well as reminders about upcoming cancer awareness months and days. In short, there will be something in Massive Bio magazine for cancer patients and their families, oncologists, patient relations coordinators, investors, and our pharma partners.

What’s in the First Issue?

The debut issue of Massive Bio magazine kicks off with a message from Selin Kurnaz, PhD, the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer, who explains how our unique artificial intelligence technology, SYNERGY-AI, is helping cancer patients all over the world connect with clinical trials of innovative new therapies. For readers interested in exploring research studies, the first issue of Massive Bio magazine also features an article that demystifies clinical trials for the lay person: What are they, how are they conducted, and why is it so important for patients to participate in them?

Each issue of Massive Bio magazine will raise awareness about different forms of cancer. In our first issue, we focus on myelofibrosis, a relatively rare, but important blood disease. You’ll find a primer on myelofibrosis, including a description of its symptoms and how this cancer is diagnosed and treated. Other articles answer basic questions about cutaneous melanoma, examine the link between obesity and prostate cancer, and offer advice on living with HER2-positive breast cancer. The role of wearable technology in cancer research and the potential of exercise as a cancer fighter are explored, too.

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