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Massive Bio Expands Operations with New Branch at Teknopol Istanbul, Driving Innovation in Oncology Solutions! 

Massive Bio, a leading company in the field of biotechnology, is excited to announce the expansion of our operations with a new branch at Teknopol Istanbul, located within the Health Sciences University Technology Development Zone Health Technopolis. 

This strategic expansion represents our commitment to fostering innovation and bringing cutting-edge oncology solutions closer to the oncology/hematology ecosystem. Our experience and innovative approach will undoubtedly contribute to our mission of providing personalized cancer care, focusing on clinical trials and treatment selection. We would like to extend our gratitude to Orhan Comlek, CEO of Teknopol, and his team for their invaluable support. 

As a company that competes with artificial intelligence giants on a global scale, Massive Bio took its place in the Health Technopolis A.S., within the Technology Development Zone of the Health Sciences University, in the first week of May 2018. With relentless efforts to strengthen and expand our activities worldwide and reach a wider audience of cancer patients, Massive Bio aims to enhance its position in the industry through new projects utilizing artificial intelligence infrastructure under the umbrella of Teknopol. 

Massive Bio, a leader in the field of biotechnology, provides comprehensive molecular profiling to cancer patients through Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing, offering personalized services at the right time and scale. When cancer patients enter their information into our system, Massive Bio’s artificial intelligence algorithms match them with relevant clinical trials, directing them to the most suitable treatment options. 

Using various artificial intelligence algorithms, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and computer vision, Massive Bio matches clinical research data from around the world with patient data. Thanks to Massive Bio’s end-to-end AI technology, patients can access the most suitable treatment method for themselves within minutes. 

Teknopol not only provides infrastructure support but also consultancy to all participating companies, including Massive Bio. Teknopol is a significant center that contributes to the development of new technologies and various products, paving the way for our country’s technological advancements. Teknopol Istanbul, located within the Health Sciences University, continues to thrive and embrace many successful firms with the support and guidance of its General Manager, Dr. Orhan Comlek, and his dedicated team. 

According to Cagatay Culcuoglu, Co-founder and CTO of Massive Bio, “We are delighted to establish a new branch at Teknopol Istanbul, further expanding our reach in the field of oncology solutions. This strategic move aligns with our mission of leveraging advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and molecular profiling, to provide personalized and timely cancer care. Teknopol’s supportive environment and expertise in technology development will undoubtedly accelerate our efforts in improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing cancer treatment. We look forward to collaborating closely with Teknopol and the thriving ecosystem it offers.” 

Being a part of Teknopol and having a presence in Istanbul will further fuel Massive Bio’s ambition and dedication to its work, driven by its new artificial intelligence projects. With the collaboration between Massive Bio and Teknopol, we aim to reach even more cancer patients, provide them with alternative treatment options, and play a more active role in the fight against cancer, striving to eradicate this disease from the world. 

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