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How Massive Bio Works

How Massive Bio Works

Massive Bio’s VTB includes a team of experts from the world’s largest cancer centers. The team works together to personalize the testing and treatment options for the patient’s particular type of cancer. The team reviews cutting edge scientific information, clinical trials, drug outcomes, side effects, patient’s clinical history and personal preferences

After analyzing all of the data, the VTB incorporates the treating oncologist’s input and provides the treating oncologist with a personalized and comprehensive report. The report includes incremental testing and treatment options that offer best survival and quality of life. The patient then receives a copy of the report after the treating oncologist has reviewed it.

After the recommended treatment begins, Massive Bio continues to provide the patient with support for reimbursement, clinical trial navigation, and testing vendor selections. Also, Massive Bio monitors the outcomes and supports the oncology research community with the learnings from the outcomes.

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