Massive Bio SYNERGY-AI Program Matches Cancer Patients with Active Clinical Trials

  • We review your case and provide a targeted list of recommendations from more than 30,000 clinical trials.
  • Gain access to the latest treatment options by finding the best clinical trial for you.

SYNERGY AI program matches cancer patients with active clinical trials

New Treatment Options

You will receive a detailed report of eligible clinical trials powered by a state-of-the-art database, machine learning, and AI, focused on:

  • Novel immunotherapies, cell therapies, and cancer vaccines
  • Promising biomarkers based on your specific tumor type
  • Targeted drugs based on your cancer biomarkers and genomics

How Synergy-AI Works

The Synergy-AI Registry is the first of its kind to combine artificial intelligence, genomic biomarkers, and multi-variate analysis to improve clinical trial matching and promote promising cancer therapies for cancer patients. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Based Clinical Trial Matching and Registry platform. Over 30,000 trials are searched through based on more than 100 data points specific to you.

Learn Your Clinical Trial Matches

For a free clinical trial consultation to discuss your case, fill out the contact form and a Cancer Care Expert will call you within 24 hours. Trials are available for many cancer types all across the United States. Some trials are specific to various cancer subtypes, mutations, and genomics. Depending on your Clinical Trial matches, different treatment methods including immunotherapy and targeted therapy are used.

Contact us any time at or +1 844-627-7246.