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  • Massive Bio puts you first. Our world-class Artificial Intelligence based engine matches your unique characteristics and cancer to thousands of active trials closest to you.
  • Find free personalized cancer clinical trial matches in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Receive expert assistance and guidance throughout your clinical trial finding journey.

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Find The Best Cancer Clinical Trials

Offering convenience, education, personalization and expertise, Massive Bio is prepared to help you fight cancer.

  • No need to travel until you decide on a trial

    Our services allow for a hassle and travel free experience that notify you whether you are eligible or not for specific clinical trials before the enrollment process begins, so you are aware of your eligibility without having to travel to the physical sites.

  • Our priority is to get you a positive prognosis outcome

    Massive Bio patient advocates have all the information you need to know about clinical trial matching, qualifying and enrolling. Their priority is to get you a positive prognosis outcome.

  • Pre-screening to all cancer clinical trials

    Our clinical trial screening process takes into consideration all aspects of your individual cancer case, ensuring that the matches we provide are best for you and your cancer diagnosis.

  • Assistance to trial enrollment with a clinical case manager

    Our team of experts will be with you throughout your entire clinical trial matching process, guiding you through every step of the way. Our Massive Bio case management team also resolves any enrollment issues that may arise. Our team will be available to help you with site selection, financial issues and/or any enrollment limitations you may have.


Why Join A Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials provide cancer patients early access to innovative and nonconventional treatment options including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and chemotherapy.

These trials help guide doctors in finding new ways to safely treat their patient's cancer while also maintaining the patient’s quality of life. Regardless of your insurance type, our virtual services find trials close to home to limit travel. With more than 36,000 clinical trials available for cancer patients in the United States, finding the right one for you can be challenging and time consuming.

  • Have the opportunity to access a new treatment option.
  • Contribute to advancing cancer treatment research.
  • Get more personalized treatment when matched to a trial that is specifically curated to your cancer case.

With Massive Bio services, you will be registered in SYNERGY-AI, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence based precision oncology clinical trial matching and registry platform. You will also receive a detailed report of eligible clinical trials powered by a state-of-the-art database, machine learning, and AI.

We’re here to help

Massive Bio is committed to creating a world without cancer. Our number one priority is creating positive outcomes for cancer patients.

Finding a clinical trial that I match to has not been easy. Massive Bio was able to help me find the best clinical trial options for my case.

With my recent progression of cancer, I've been working hard to find a clinical trial that I match to. It has not been easy. I am so lucky that recently, I talked to a company that helps people like me. If you register, they will connect you with a clinical trial - even if you do not have progression.

Cancer Patient
Gina H.
Patient – United States

Massive Bio was quick and insightful in finding me the best clinical trial option.

In one-week, Massive Bio was able to provide me with personalized clinical trial options that were specific to my cancer case. Collaboratively, we agreed that the clinical trial Massive Bio identified was the best option to move ahead.

Cancer Patient Testimonial
Kelly R.
Patient – United States

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