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Coronavirus: What Patients, Survivors and and Caregivers Need to Know Previously aired on Friday April 3rd, 2020

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    Some of the webinar subjects include:
    • What is Covid?
    • Who is most at risk?
    • Are all cancer patients at risk? Or just those currently getting treatment?
    • Are there any specific cancer patients who has more risks?
    • What shall caregiver do to support cancer patients?
    • Can patients and survivors get tested?
    • Should I cancel my treatment or follow-up appointments?
    • What should I do if I have symptoms?
    • What if a family member develops symptoms?
    • Are there ways to keep your immune system strong?
    • Can I enroll a clinical trial?
    Support team

    Massive Bio brings the latest knowledge in cancer care to patients treated at community practices in US and worldwide.

    Massive Bio not only provides cancer patients with access to best practices, but also solves the pharmaceutical industry bottleneck for clinical trials and drug discovery, because 85% of US cancer patients are treated at community practices and are not readily accessible to clinical trials. Massive Bio translates the world class precision oncology knowledge of large cancer center experts, through a “virtual tumor board”, and then helps the patient and treating oncologist to operationalize these cancer expert recommendations at the point of care. Massive Bio can also facilitate bringing the patient to a large cancer center – if local treatment is not available. Massive Bio reduces the time, travel and cost burden for cancer patients. All the while, Massive Bio extracts intelligence from data through combination of clinical history, genomics and outcomes to improve current and future patient’s lives. Massive Bio supports cancer patients and their family members throughout their entire cancer journey.