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Biomarker Clinical Trials: Targeted Therapies

  • Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD, MSEd
    Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
  • Jackie Bement
    Patient Relations Coordinator

Biomarker Clinical Trials: Targeted Therapies featuring Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD, MSEd, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Massive Bio and was hosted by Jackie Bement, Patient Relations Coordinator at Massive Bio. This event aired live on the Massive Bio Facebook with our expert oncologists who answered questions about biomarkers, clinical trials, targeted therapies, and more. Fill out the form on this page to watch the full video of this event. Topics that were covered include: 

  • Importance of biomarkers in cancer treatment 
  • How biomarkers affect the prognosis of cancer patients 
  • Common cancer types with biomarkers 
  • Who should get tested for biomarkers? 
  • Importance of biomarker based clinical trials 
  • What therapies are used to target these biomarkers? 

A biomarker is a biological molecule found in blood, other body fluids, or tissues that is a sign of a normal or abnormal process, or of a condition or disease. Some cancers are caused when there is a change or mistake in the body’s DNA, causing a tumor to grow. These DNA mistakes are known as biomarkers, and physicians can test for them when examining a tumor. Knowing if you have certain biomarkers can be very beneficial in determining which treatments are best suited for your cancer. Throughout the event, we will take questions directly from the community on topics such as cancer clinical trials, genomic testing, and biomarkers in cancer. At the end of the event, the live Q&A answered all submissions. 

With Massive Bio’s AI technology, finding a clinical trial doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming for patients or their physicians. Let us help you and your patients find the best trial within 48 hours of receipt of records. Biomarker Clinical Trials: Targeted Therapies was live on Wednesday, December 8th at 12:00pm EST. Fill out the form to watch the full event. Watch to learn about biomarker cancer clinical trials, how Massive Bio can help pediatric patients, and more!  

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