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Massive Bio Launches the 100K Cancer Clinical Trial Singularity Program

Massive Bio Launches the 100K Cancer Clinical Trial Singularity Program

NEW YORK–Massive Bio, a leader in precision medicine and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled patient-centric clinical trial enrollment for oncology announced the launch of its 100K CANCER CLINICAL TRIAL SINGULARITY PROGRAM, a first-of-its-kind program aimed to provide real-time access to cutting-edge clinical trials for cancer patients globally. 

recent analysis from the National Cancer Database (NCDB) looking at patients enrolled in clinical trials as their initial course of treatment for 46 cancers from 2004 through 2015 found that out of over 12 million patients, less than 0.1% were enrolled in trials. The analysis also importantly revealed that patients with cancer treated in clinical trials lived longer than those not treated in trials. “We can and must do much better than that, using data, technology and services that are laser-focused on targeted therapies and immunotherapies while drastically increasing diversity and inclusion” mentioned Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, M.D., Co-Founder of Massive Bio. “We named the program singularity because the clinical research industry needs transformational change on an exponential scale to effect a quantifiable increase in clinical trial enrollment rates. Otherwise, we will be discussing the same issues in the decades to come,” added Loaiza-Bonilla. 

“This is our calling. We have been planning this moment for a very long time. We are building and leading the Amazonization of the patient enrollment value chain in oncology. Everything is about efficiency and scale, and we are engineering every component of the value chain with extreme precision and accuracy. We are building the pieces of the puzzle – we have on-boarded 33,000 patients, partnered with 24 pharmaceutical companies, CROs and health systems, hit 1,000 clinical trial sites, and launched the world’s first NASA-style Oncology Clinical Trial Command Center (OCTCC). Now, it is time to activate more patients and enterprise partners to hit critical mass so that there is no going back. As much as we are taking the lead, we are looking forward to collaboration. What is more impressive is that we are providing services to cancer patients for free globally so that anyone can join this movement” said Selin Kurnaz, Co-Founder and CEO.  

To achieve 100K patients, Massive Bio has gone through innovative patient acquisition partnerships globally with more than two dozen patient advocacy groups, data driven patient identification companies, provider networks, NGS vendors, payers, specialty pharmacies and local CROs. The company is on target to double its footprint and operationalize in 19 countries within a year.  

The 100K SINGULARITY program initially focuses on Lung, Cervical, Breast, Prostate, Gastric, GE Junction, and Pancreatic cancer, as well as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Myelofibrosis, CNS tumors, Pediatric Tumors, Melanoma, Multiple Myeloma, and cancers driven by potentially actionable biomarkers such as gene fusions, and will continue to expand to other malignancies. The new catalog of clinical trial matching solutions will be made available to cancer patients globally, through its website and Apps across iOS and Android.  

“Technology is key. We have been working on developing AI models to structure clinical, genomic, and clinical trial information over the past few years to match cancer patients to clinical trials and make patients aware of clinical trials without the need to go to a site. Moreover, we have been spending a significant amount of time integrating various patient identification data to precisely target patient populations – as data is still siloed even with partnerships. All these credentials have positioned us to be the only company to use an AI-integrated mobile app that finds eligible clinical trials with confidence, as well as refer patients to the closest sites once the trial is available for them. The efficiency is astronomical. We are reducing the time of pre-screening from days to minutes. With the addition of our new COO and his expertise in streamlining and scaling operations, Massive Bio’s operations and technology architecture is ready to take on 100K patients. We couldn’t be more excited” said Massive Bio’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Cagatay Culcuoglu.  

The company says that with close to 14,000 actively recruiting interventional cancer clinical trials globally at any given time, and over 18 million patients being diagnosed with cancer every year, this program will not only provide improved outcomes for cancer patients, but also provide faster drug development and more efficient patient enrollment to pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs and clinical research sites. 

The new initiative comes only a few months after Massive Bio successfully implemented its Phase I National Cancer Institute (NCI) SBIR to develop and characterize its Deep Learning Clinical Trial Matching System (DLCTMS) at Columbia’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

“Massive Bio is building bridges among all stakeholders in the patient enrollment value chain to hit 100K patient targets. This is just the beginning of a multi-year commitment and a new era. We hope every patient, provider, pharmaceutical company, payer and NGS vendor will join this movement. The clock is ticking, and the time is now” concluded Massive Bio’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Steve McNamara.  

About Massive Bio 

Massive Bio’s mission is to provide access to clinical trials for every cancer patient regardless of the patient’s location and/or financial stability. Massive Bio is a proprietary patient recruitment and enrollment enablement solution for oncology clinical trials. Massive Bio provides unique tech enabled services and a big data platform that addresses all points of friction in clinical trial enrollment. Massive Bio’s secret sauce is being the only company in the market that simultaneously provides patient identification, pre-screening, and concierge enrollment, while being laser focused on oncology and drastically innovating in data, technology, and services in a completely broken clinical trial enrollment value chain. With a focus on improving cancer patients’ lives, Massive Bio serves more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and hospital networks. Massive Bio also provides oncology dedicated data driven patient recruitment, site selection and AI-based trial prescreening services to its enterprise customers. Massive Bio has been awarded an SBIR contract by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop and characterize its Deep Learning Clinical Trial Matching System (DLCTMS), Contract No. 75N91020C00016, as well as being the official matchmaking partner for all NCI funded clinical trials. The company is also an active participant in The Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers team, led by MITRE and The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Massive Bio was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in NYC. Massive Bio has a team of 50 people team and was founded by ex-M&A, clinical and technology executives. You can connect with us at, as well as follow Massive Bio on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook


  • Have you started any trials regarding GIST’s

    • Cancer Treatment Expert says:

      GIST is rare, but there are currently over 20 clinical trials actively enrolling patients with various stages of GIST throughout the US. We would be happy to run your records through our AI clinical trial matching system and see if you match to any of the active trials and then can support you through the enrollment process. Please call us today to get started at 844-627-7246 or email

  • Mike riley says:

    Would post prostate cancer ( removed) be of any value?

    • Cancer Treatment Expert says:

      Some patients still require treatment after surgical removal of their prostate cancer. If treatment is required, we can certainly use our AI clinical trial matching system to see if any trials are available in your specific location that you would be a match too.

  • James Lee says:

    Will these trials have anything for metastatic renal cell carcinoma??

  • Larry N Lusby says:
    I am a 75 yr old man. Prostate removed in Jan. 2009. Cancer recurred in May, 2017. Have received Lupron shots on six-month intervals and Xtandi pills each day. Was told by Doctor at MD Anderson that cancer has metastasized and they have no other treatment. Can you help me?

    • Cancer Treatment Expert says:

      Hello, we are sorry to hear of your disease and progression, there are many trials available for prostate cancer patients, we would be happy to search for clinical trials for you using our AI based technology to determine which trials you are eligible for. Please contact us by telephone or email and so one of our patient advocates may assist you.

  • Christopher Deister says:

    Just finished 6 rounds of chemotherapy and starting on immunotherapy 1 infusion monthly and radiation therapy to main site in lung. Not doing brain or liver radiation therapy now. Tumors apparently 96% gone from chemo. However I have small cell lung cancer so just waiting for it to come back. I am 50 year old male with no health conditions except for this cancer diagnosed in August 2021. My weight has been stable throughout. I am hoping to get access to newer treatments for small cell lung cancer, which seem to be few and far…
    Can your program help me.


    • Cancer Treatment Expert says:

      I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, however, it is great that the chemotherapy has decreased the tumors by about 96%. They are great results. At Massive Bio, we can absolutely help you to find trials in your location or within a distance in which you are able and willing to travel. Using our AI clinical trial matching system, we will match you to trials with in distance that is best for you. We will then assist you with getting enrolled to whichever trial you and your physician think is best and then follow you through the duration of care. If you aren’t ready for a trial right now, we can certainly run a search to give you peace of mind that there are trials available for if and when you need them. Please give us a call at 844-627-7246 or email us at to get started.

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