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Massive Bio announced the launch of “Donation for Life,” a new awareness campaign created to offer support to cancer associations and foundations in the United States and Europe.


Massive Bio, which matches cancer patients to clinical trials of innovative new therapies, has launched “Donation for Life,” a new awareness campaign that will offer support to cancer associations and foundations in the United States and Europe. During the campaign, Massive Bio will select different organizations that support cancer patients to be recipients of donations. The campaign will continue for a year, with updates announced on Massive Bio’s website and social media platforms. Massive Bio officials aim to provide thousands of donations by the end of 2023, and hope that “Donation for Life” will inspire other companies to support cancer associations and foundations.

Let’s Increase Cancer Awareness Together

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There is no rules for cancer diseases
"Donation for Life" will inspire other companies to support cancer associations and foundations.
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Helping Cancer Patients

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As Massive Bio, we are single-minded in our focus on helping cancer patients face the challenges that lie ahead. We have strengthened our resolve to be at your side in this journey through our new campaign, “Donation for Life.”


Over the next year, Massive Bio will make donations to associations and foundations that support cancer patients in order to raise awareness and reaffirm out commitment to being your partner every step of the way.

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Supportive Comments

Supportive Comments

More Questions

  • What is a clinical trial and what are the benefits of enrolling?

    Clinical trials test new and promising cancer treatments to diagnose, prevent, or treat a disease. Doctors use oncology clinical trials to find treatments and improve life quality for patients with cancer. Clinical trials help to advance the field for the future by finding better alternatives to standard treatments, often with less side effects. By enrolling in a clinical trial you’ll have early access to new drugs and therapies at any stage in your cancer. Clinical trials could be the preferred treatment for most patients and early access is a major benefit when you’re seeking new treatment options.

  • Why do you collect my medical records for this service?

    We use our Synergy AI technology and a team of doctors and nurses to find the perfect clinical trials for you. This is made possible through obtaining your medical records. To accurately find clinical trials and create a unique treatment plan for you, we need a clear picture of your medical history and cancer diagnosis and treatments. Our database will continue to match you with new trials as they appear to make sure you always have every option available to you.

  • Why should I use your service when my doctor can search for clinical trials for me?

    We match patients to trials based on over 120 different parameters and can provide the most accurate matches to clinical trials. Doctors often only recommend trials offered through their institutions or have too high a volume of patients to do the necessary research to find a trial outside of their location. Many oncologists do not run clinical trials themselves, so we work with them to connect you to the clinical trials that are best for you. Once we go through your records, we work with your doctor to provide you with the best treatment and care.

  • How long does a clinical trial last and what are the travel requirements?

    The length of a clinical trial is determined by many different factors. Your specific treatment and trial will depend on the progression of your disease, the drug’s timeline, and more. The trial could last from a few weeks to a couple of months to complete your treatment. We are happy to discuss clinical trial duration with you for your specific case. Please fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

    The travel required for your clinical trial depends upon both the trial itself and the phase of the trial you are participating in. While some involve frequent visits and testing, for most you’ll often only have to travel to receive the drug and for follow-up appointments. We are also here to work with you to help with travel and accommodations.

  • Why should I use Massive Bio?

    We developed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and paired it with an oncology nurse-led case management team. Our Synergy AI platform matches you to clinical trials targeting your specific cancer type and situation. The platform, which contains over 170 custom clinical algorithms, draws on the world’s best clinical research to pair you with the latest clinical trials, and provide you with every viable option. A team of specialized physicians and oncology nurses then go over each of those options to provide an expert analysis and provide you with the best recommendations.

  • What is the cost of participating in a clinical trial?

    Clinical trials are often no-cost to you. Most insurance covers the cost of any routine treatment included in the trial, and typically, the study drug and any novel testing will be covered by the study itself. The study sponsors will also often help with any travel and accommodation requirements.

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