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Unlocking clinical trial options for patients

Unlocking Clinical Trial Options for Patients

Every patient deserves the chance the enroll in a promising clinical trial. Immunotherapy is currently considered to be the pinnacle of personalized cancer treatment. Precision oncology can help unlock many different clinical trial options for each individual patient.

With precision oncology, both patients and their families can feel more confident in the choices they’ve made and the treatment they are receiving.


  • Dan says:

    I read you article about clinical trials. Are immunotherapy trials best for colon cancer? I am stage 3 going through cancer treatment. I got drugs for 16 months. Shall I join to a clinical trial?

  • Clinical Trial Experts says:

    Thank you for reaching out and reading our article about clinical trials, and the impact they are making in the lives of cancer patients. While we understand you may consider clinical trials as an option, immunotherapy is most useful in cases where your tumor has specific biomarkers that may make it more susceptible to activate your immune system against it. For example, having microsatellite status high (MSI-high) status on your cancer may confer such responses, and there are a number of clinical trials ongoing to answer that question.

    We recommend that you consult with your primary oncologist about current and future options to manage your cancer, and in the event you may need a clinical trial, feel free to check Massive Bio’s cancer clinical trial matching tool.

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