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Clinerion Announces Partnership with Massive Bio

Cancer Patient Enrollment Improvement Key to Clinerion Partnership

Clinerion, provider of the Patient Network Explorer platform which harnesses patient data from a global hospital network, and Massive Bio, provider of end-to-end clinical trial enrollment for oncology, partnered to improve trial site selection and thereby offer better access for cancer patients to clinical trials.

Clinerion offers Massive Bio access to oncology patient insights for site outreach and identification of cohorts for trial site selection and patient recruitment. Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer queries anonymized patient data from its international network of partner hospitals to deliver real-world health data insights useful for Massive Bio’s site outreach programs. Clinerion’s ANID technology meanwhile allows authorized clinical trial staff to re-identify patients for screening and inclusion in trials, speeding up patient recruitment.

Massive Bio provides end-to-end clinical trial enrollment technology and services in oncology clinical trials for patients treated at community practices. These services include patient identification/engagement, pre-screening, JIT site activation, and real-world data services. Massive Bio structures medical records, NGS results and clinical trials with its proprietary ontologies and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Massive Bio has also developed machine learning algorithms to pre-screen patients at scale. Moreover, Massive Bio provides value-based compensation to pharmaceutical companies by reducing time-to-market, complexity and costs in oncology clinical trial enrollment.

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer renders hospital information systems with different data models, terminologies and ontologies mutually intelligible, allowing users to send a single query to the entire network and receive meaningful, actionable patient data insights. Clinerion’s network today covers 74M patients in 19 countries around the world.

“With Clinerion’s market leadership outside the US and Massive Bio’s US market leadership in oncology clinical trials, we feel that we form a powerful combination to provide global coverage and serve a global client base which creates significant growth opportunities for both enterprises,” says Selin Kurnaz, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio. “We are excited for the opportunities in front of us.”

Read more about Clinerion’s patient data services and their upcoming events here.


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