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In the Search of AI for Oncology

In the Search of AI for Oncology

Several industries have been transforming by the implementation of new technologies. Healthcare has already joined this race of introducing technology supported value to key players in its own domain: patients, doctors, clinics, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, CROs, biotech companies. Oncology, the study and treatment of tumors, can be brought to next level in 3 major areas by exploring benefits of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, automation and blockchain: Diagnosis, Decision Making & Treatment, Research.


With HIPAA rules in place, patient and healthcare data cannot be shared efficiently across healthcare stakeholders. However, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) proposes to implement the “information blocking” prohibition of the 21st Century Cures Act which can alleviate roadblocks for transparent data share. In addition, new healthcare blockchain solutions that are emerging can solve data in transit and at rest security concerns. Still, with 23.6 million new cancer cases per year globally by 2030, this is not an answer to build efficiency with vast amount of cancer patient data: scans, radiology results, next-generation sequencing files, immunohistochemistry results, pathology analysis, lab reports, treatment information, drugs that are required to diagnose a patient. Reviewing, entering, and analyzing all this valuable data set, is an enormous uptake for nurses, and doctors.

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