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Cervical Cancer Stage 1b1 Treatment

Cervical Cancer Stage 1b1 Treatment

What is cervical cancer stage 1b1 treatment and how is the disease diagnosed? Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that can be treated and potentially cured when detected in early stages. Typically caused by the HPV virus, it is a slowly developing cancer.

Cervical cancer is classified in 4 stages. Diagnosis of the disease in early Stage 1 is very important to get rid of this disease. In early cervical cancer the 5 yr. survival is 90%. It is important for cervical cancer stage 1b1 treatment that it has not yet been metastasized and is still operable.

What is Stage 1 Cervical Cancer

The stage of a cancer is defined by the size and spread of the cancer cells. With these classifications, the treatment methods are determined.

Stage 1 cervical cancer is the stage in which the cancer is localized in the cervix. It has not yet jumped to other tissues or organs. Stage 1 cervical cancer is divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1A
  • Stage 1B

Stage 1A Cervical Cancer

Cancer cells begin to reproduce in 1A stage but are small enough to be seen only under a microscope or colposcope. At this stage, cancer cells are between 3 to 5mm in the cervix tissues.

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Stage 1B Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer in the 1B stage consists of larger cancer cells than the previous stage. It can often be seen without a microscope. It has two phases, 1B1 and 1B2. In the 1B1 stage, cancer cells have not reached 4cm yet. In 1B2 phase, cancer cells have reached 4cm. At this stage, cancer cells have not yet metastasized and spread.

Cervical Cancer Stage 1b1 Treatment

Stage 1B cervical cancer treatment is determined by your doctor according to factors such as the type of cell, its location, and the person’s health. Surgery combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be applied for Stage 1B treatment. Radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy are also recommended.

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Stage 1B Cervical Cancer Surgery

For early-stage cervical cancer, surgery is performed to remove the cervix and the uterus. Another early stage surgery method is when a part of the cervical canal called “cervical conization” is performed. With this method, fertility is not lost. It is preferred for cervical cancer which is still microscopic in size. It is not preferred in advanced stages.

Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Radiotherapy is a treatment method that prevents the growth of cancer cells by using high energy X-rays. External radiotherapy is applied in cervical cancer. With this method, treatment is provided without disrupting the body integrity or touching the body. Another radiotherapy method is called brachytherapy. In this treatment, a device placed inside the vagina aims to destroy the cancer cells by sending X-rays directly.

Chemotherapy is the most widely known treatment method in cancer treatment. Drugs that directly affect cancer cells are used to stop their growth. Chemotherapy is not preferred in very early stages of cervical cancer. In the early stages, surgery or radiotherapy are among the first choices. However, in cases where the disease progresses and reaches out of the cervix, it can be applied together with radiotherapy.

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