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Cancer treatment and water

Cancer Treatment and Water

At least 2 liters of water a day must be consumed to remove side-effects of the drugs used during treatment as soon as possible. In particular, water treatment is of critical importance, especially during treatment, to minimize the harmful effects of chemotherapy. You have heard many times that 2 liters of water a day is recommended. If it is consumed more or less than this, we can be sensitive to various health problems. Because everyone is different, urine can be understood as whether there is enough water consumption. If the urine is dark, you do not drink enough water, if it is light it means you are drinking enough water. Remember, when you wake up in the morning and go to the toilet, the first urine becomes dark. Another way to get information about hydration is thirst. If your body is thirsty, you should drink it if it is hot or cold. Factors affecting health are water quality and quantity. The majority of the water you drink should be natural water without artificial sweeteners. Of course, fresh mint, lemon slice etc into it. You can add natural sweeteners.


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