J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Insights

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Insights

Hello everyone!

Another  J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has come and gone. Overall, it was chaotic but productive for Massive Bio. There were no game changing learning experiences for our core which is precision oncology informatics services, maybe because we live and breathe this space every day. However, the necessity of Massive Bio increases everyday to streamline disparate clinical and genomic information and disparate stakeholders. Precision oncology needs a translator and accelerator more than ever to be mainstream. Massive Bio put precision oncology to “work” — organizes and harmonizes disparate knowledge into clinical utility. In any case, I have summarized our key take-aways from the conference in regards to our space, digital health and AI and overall healthcare. Hope you will find it as an enjoyable read and I am always happy to have a dialogue and attack healthcare issues with like minded people together.

Selin Kurnaz, PhD
Co-founder and CEO

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