Machine Learning and AI in Drug Research and Development-177 Startups

Massive Bio joins growing list of AI startups in drug research and development

Technology in Drug Research and Development

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a major factor in the drug research and development pipeline. According to Simon Smith of BenchSci, there are now more than at least 177 startups in the drug research and development space that utilize advanced machine learning as a driver to their business.

Smith stated that, since 2017, the number of AI-focused startups in drug R&D has grown from 37 to 177. Massive Bio made the AI startup list and is under “Recruit for clinical trial recruitment.” While Massive Bio does not recruit for any specific clinical trials, the company uses an AI-powered platform to pair patients with clinical trials based on a number of factors.

Massive Bio provides cancer patient support through advanced machine learning technology and expert practitioners. Massive Bio’s analysis is not limited to targeted therapies or immune-therapies; it covers all treatment options. Learn more about getting free clinical trial matching by visiting the Find A Clinical Trial section.

Also, the full list of AI-based startups is available here.

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    I wonder how well artificial intelligence can speed drug discovery.

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