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Matt is a 69-year-old man living in rural Pennsylvania. Diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer, he had already undergone multiple rounds of treatment for his cancer as well as molecular testing. He was told there was nothing else his doctor could do. Matt was desperate for a second opinion. He and his doctor decided he should contact Massive Bio for additional guidance. He particularly wanted to connect with Massive Bio’s Chief Medical Officer whom he had met at a previous clinic. After Matt reached out to us, we went to work for him and reviewed his case. We recommended a new treatment which, fortunately, his hometown hospital offered. Our partnering oncologists helped save Matt’s life.

“My experience with Massive Bio was professional and satisfying. As a stage 4 cancer patient seeking a second opinion and treatment plan due to recurrence of a stomach tumor, I felt I had no time to waste trying to negotiate the customary hurdles of my HMO insurance plan. I needed to get the opinions of recognized leaders in the field and get them quickly.
The concept of a Virtual Tumor Board and the quality of doctors and health care professionals affiliated with Massive Bio convinced me that this approach was worth a try. And I was not disappointed. After meticulously collecting details about past diagnoses, treatments, and tests, a thorough report was submitted to both me and my primary oncologist within days. The treatment plan prioritized strategies and reviewed clinical trials appropriate to my case. The plan was so thorough, well conceptualized, and clearly written that my oncologist and I had only a few questions. Those that we did raise were answered quickly and concisely.”

"I cannot express how impressed I am with the quality of Massive Bio’s Virtual Tumor Board."

I was helping to locate alternative treatment options for a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am a neurological nurse and clinical research coordinator, but was finding it very difficult to sift through oncological research trials on I discovered that Massive Bio takes care of this challenging task free of charge. My friend also sought a second opinion after a disappointing experience with a prestigious university hospital. Massive Bio assembled a group of quality oncologists from top US hospitals to review my friend’s medical history and past cancer treatments. Through their collaboration, they assembled treatment recommendations that were supported with up-to-date research data. In my ten years of practicing as a registered nurse, I have never seen such a comprehensive, detailed medical document. Also, one of the oncologists on the tumor board spent over half an hour on a phone conference with myself, my friend, and his family to explain the recommendations. There is a fee for the Virtual Tumor Board, but it was minimal and in no way could have fully compensated the outstanding staff and oncologists for their time. This also made me feel that the Massive Bio staff genuinely believe in and live their mission. Additionally, this experience alleviated the need for my friend to waste time traveling, as he lives in a rural part of the state. I would recommend Massive Bio wholeheartedly to anyone looking for comprehensive treatment options for their family or friends. I cannot predict that our experience with Massive Bio lengthened my friend’s life, but I’m certain it gave him peace of mind.
Rating: 1 stars
J. Schwartz
Caregiver - United States of America - April 2019
"Massive Bio gave my mother and our family a new lease on hope and time."

Dealing with a cancer, where all the standard options are limited, Massive Bio helped make the case for new immunotherapy which was selected specifically based on my my mother’s treatment challenges. When our oncologist left, Massive Bio took us that much further.
Rating: 1 stars
Lisa B.
Family member & Caregiver - United States of America - November 2015
"There is absolutely no need to look for another expert service in cancer treatment advisory other than Massive Bio."

The service Massive Bio provides is very special, going beyond other oncology services. They combine second opinion and precision oncology, taking into consideration patients’ requests and previous treatments. They provide reports from US-based physicians within a week; the diagnosis and treatment suggestions their doctors and team recommend are really personalized and sophisticated. I wish every cancer patient could get an evaluation from Massive Bio. There is absolutely no need to look for another expert service in cancer treatment advisory other than Massive Bio. I congratulate the team that now provides new opportunities for cancer patients.
Rating: 1 stars
Fuat Abut
Patient & MD - Turkey - December 2016
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