We help you find cancer clinical trials that are close to where you live and provide support during the qualification and enrollment process.

We believe patients need to be fully informed of all of their options, including the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials.

Clinical trials offer the possibility of receiving a brand new therapy that is still in the approval process by the FDA. For some patients, clinical trials may offer treatment options where none previously existed. For other patients, clinical trials may offer a more targeted approach to treating their diseases than the currently accepted, approved standards of care.

We developed advanced technology and paired it with a case management team led by oncology nurses.

We advocate for patients to get the latest in cancer care, which is often found in clinical trials. Many patients don’t know all the options where they are located and also qualify for more than one clinical trial. This can make you feel more confused and more overwhelmed with all the information. When you don’t know what to do or where to turn, that’s when Massive Bio comes in.

We utilize our learning SYNERGY Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to help match you to clinical trials that cater to your specific cancer type and situation. With over 170 custom clinical algorithms built into platform, we draw on the world’s best clinical research to pair you with the latest clinical trials that offer state-of-the-art therapies not available elsewhere.

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