ACCC 44th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit

Massive Bio attends, as well as sponsors the ACCC 44th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit

Healthcare reform is undergoing a wave of radical change and disruptive innovation, with stakeholders transitioning to value-based care delivery models to reduce costs and improve quality of care. At the same time, leveraging advanced technologies, experimenting with various business models, and developing new relationships are changing the way that medicine is practiced.

Massive Bio attends the ACCC 44TH ANNUAL MEETING & CANCER CENTER BUSINESS SUMMIT, where this convergence of BUSINESS, QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, and POLICY will be explored through interactive, collaborative learning.

Leading experts in oncology—including cancer care providers and business leaders—will come together to focus on innovation in oncology. Hear cutting-edge approaches for navigating these inevitable business and policy-related changes in oncology, including:

Alternative Payment Models & the Impact on Oncology
Integrated Cancer Care Teams: Opportunities & Challenges
Identifying High Cost Cancer Patients & Developing Successful Interventions
Technology’s Role in the Redesign of Oncology
Patient Engagement & Expectations—What’s Realistic & Where Do We Need to Go?
Managing the Data Explosion
Federal Health Policy Affecting Oncology

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