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Dr. Selin Kurnaz is on a mission to transform clinical research and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes. Blessed with brains, talent and drive, she earned a PhD from University of Michigan. Thereafter, she spent years in the buttoned-down world of big consulting-driven financial deal making. Possessing exceptional confidence and perhaps more drive than many, Kurnaz was on track to launch her own private equity firm. In 2014 everything changed. Her uncle fell terribly ill—facing a life and death situation caused by cancer. Kurnaz and her tight-knit family faced a petrifying reality. It was at this point, just over four years ago, that Selin Kurnaz pivoted away from the corporate finance world of money-making as a focus to launch Massive Bio—driven by a sense of mission, purpose and all-pervasive empathy for cancer patients. Her life changed forever—she founded Massive Bio to help patients struggling with complex cancers find the help they needed. Moving forward, she would dedicate her time to building a company that delivers patients assistance with cancer genomics, test selection and treatment options where standard approaches such as chemotherapy have failed.

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