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Clinical Trial Pre-screening with Artificial Intelligence

Clinical Trial Pre-screening with Artificial Intelligence

Clinical Trial Pre-screening with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cancer patients makes it possible to access the best and latest treatment options, in a very short time. Accelerating clinical trial matching using technology such as AI facilitates access to promising cancer treatments for many patients.

Clinical Trial Pre-screening with Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a personalized and targeted list of suggestions from more than 30,000 clinical trials. The Massive Bio SYNERGY-AI Program matches and pre-screens active clinical trials with cancer patients. You can find a detailed report of suitable clinical trials supported by a modern database, using machine learning and other artificial intelligence options. To access these technologies and treatment options to fight cancer, you can contact Massive Bio.

Cancer and Artificial Intelligence Relationship

Today, it has become possible for various artificial intelligence algorithms such as machine learning to produce meaningful results by processing many large data sources. In fact, it is even possible to transfer human intuition and experiences, that cannot be expressed numerically, to computers.

From the conclusions taken from this data, machines or computers can make accurate predictions. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is possible to go beyond the examination of clinical data to optimize real word data and clinical trial matching. Disease experiences (patient reported outcomes) transmitted directly by the patient can also be analyzed by doctors’ questions and observations on the findings.

In the future, significant advances are expected to be made with artificial intelligence. According to many basic science and engineering fields that focus on the development of new tools and methods in medicine, artificial intelligence is still a very new concept. However, it is a fact that its development is quickly progressing.

Can Cancer be Treated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

With the development of medical research and examination methods, it is possible to obtain a large number of different types of data on cancer. Today, many universities and medical institutions around the world are conducting new research on cancer and new findings are constantly being obtained.

It is very important to examine the data revealed by these research efforts, and to use them as a road map for treatment in the anticipated cancer cases. It requires a lot of skills to process these millions of data points extremely quickly and to learn and utilize the machines effectively to obtain the desired results.

This technology, which is still used in cancer diagnosis and matching of clinical trials and patients, can also contribute to treatment over time.

How Synergy-AI Works

Massive Bio’s Synergy-AI is a software that combines artificial intelligence, genomic biomarkers and a multivariate analysis to improve clinical research matching and promote promising cancer treatments for cancer patients.

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Based Clinical Research Matching and Recording Platform Synergy-AI scans over 30,000 studies based on more than 100 data points. Fill out the contact form for a free clinical research consultation to discuss your case. A Cancer Care Specialist will call you within 24 hours.

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